Mennonite Man Worried He Might Be Getting Old as He’s Finally Developed a Taste for Borscht


After a childhood of utter repulsion at the sight of cabbage borscht, 22-year-old Thomas Plett of Kleefeld has finally developed a taste for the stuff.

“I’m not sure what did it,” said Plett. “My age? My maturity? The amount of farmer sausage my aunt Susan tossed in the pot?”

Whatever the case, Plett now is a devoted fan of cabbage borscht and is spreading the good news to his younger cousins.

“It’s nothing to be afraid of,” said Plett. “See, look, look, there’s all these big chunks of sausage. Mmm, delicious.”

Rumour has it Plett is just trying to “look tough” to impress one of the Schellenberg girls.

“Next thing you know that Thomas Plett will be wolfing down plumi moos,” said 21-year old Katie Schellenberg. “Well, I’ll have you know, it takes a lot more than that to impress me. I won’t settle for anything less than liverwurst.”

Sadly, Plett had not yet worked his way up to stomaching a piece of that.

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