Mennonite Man Orders Child Size Coke and Stays All Afternoon for Refills


Local man and financial advisor Mr. Kornelsen decided he’d get the biggest bang for his buck if he ordered a kid’s size Coke and down refill after refill all afternoon at his local McDonald’s.

“Oba, why order a large?” said Mr. Kornelsen, whose friends had long since left the establishment an hour or two after they finished their own meals. “This McHappy Coke is all Mennonite man needs! Plus it comes with a Paw Patrol toy!”

Mr. Kornelsen went back for more than fifteen refills, although it might be more since he lost count.

“I’m trying to set the record for the best value per dollar ever at the Vankla McDonalds,” said Kornelsen. “I know Mr. Wiebe thinks that all you have to do is complain your McNuggets were overcooked and you can get a new order, but I think my McHappy child size Coke is the ultimate scam … I mean deal!”

Mr. Kornelsen was reportedly on his thirtieth refill at press time and had only been the washroom twice.

“I’ve got a tank like a camel,” said Mr. Kornelsen. “Besides, who can I trust to guard my McHappy Coke while I’m using the facilities?”

In addition to drinking more than six litres of Coke in a single sitting, Mr. Kornelsen is also going for the record of the largest quantity of soup made from McDonald’s ketchup packets.

(photo credit: Kansir/CC)

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