Mennonite Man Mostly Just in it for the Icing and Sprinkles


For Jack Klassen of Winkler, the faintly lemon-tasting bun of paska is secondary compared to the icing and sprinkles.

“Basically, the bun is a receptacle for transporting icing and sprinkles to my mouth,” said Klassen. “My Susan doesn’t like it when I take a spoon to the icing bowl, so I wait until it’s lathered on the bun. But, for me, it’s all about the icing.”

Klassen has been known to tear off the bottom part of the bun and eat that first, that way the ratio of icing to bun is much greater on the remaining portion.

“I’m the same way with carrot cake or molasses cookies. The icing to cake ratio has to be just right,” said Klassen. “I’m a 60-40 man myself… and it should go without saying that I mean 60% icing.”

Klassen is considering starting a bakery that only sells paska tops.

“I’ll donate the paska bottoms to the church,” said Klassen. “They’re always looking for extra roughage to feed the kids around faspa time.”

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