Mennonite Man Loses Thousands Betting on Replays of Last Year’s Football Games


Mr. Unger was so excited to finally be able to watch some Canadian football games this week that he bet his friend Mr. Toews more than ten thousand dollars that the Ticats would beat the Bombers in the Grey Cup. 

“I think this is a pretty safe bet. Winnipeg never wins,” said Mr. Unger, “Plus, Mr. Toews gave me really good odds that I just couldn’t turn down.”

Mr. Toews says he invites Mr. Unger over to watch a replay each evening and, so far, Mr. Unger has not caught on to what’s going on.

“Hey, it ain’t my job to tell him it’s not a live game,” said Mr. Toews. “Besides, the elders always warn against the evils of gambling.”

After losing big on a replay of the 2019 Grey Cup, Mr. Unger is hoping to win back some cash on last year’s Stanley Cup finals.

“I have a really good feeling about my Boston Bruins,” said Unger. “I think this could finally be their year!”

Mr. Toews has reportedly won so much money from Mr. Unger that he’s already reshingled the roof and has plans take the whole family to visit the frintschoft in the Chaco when this whole pandemic thing is over.

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