Mennonite Man Loops Parking Lot for an Hour to Avoid Paying for Parking


Local man Jeremy Goerzen, 39, was picking up his friends at the airport who were visiting from Manitoba. Unfortunately the flight was delayed and so, instead, of paying ten dollars to park, Jeremy decided he would save the money and just loop around the parking lot until the flight arrived.

“You can’t get one past Jeremy Goerzen!” said Goerzen. “I think they delay these flights on purpose, just so we have to pay for parking.”

Goerzen reportedly used half a tank of gas during the hour-long delay, a fact that apparently went unnoticed by the Mennonite man.

“I don’t never pay for parking if I don’t need to,” explained Goerzen. “It’s such a waste of money!”

When the Hieberts from Manitoba finally did arrive, Goerzen pulled up the Arrivals terminal to welcome his guests.

“Oba, welcome to Calgary,” said Goerzen. “I hope you don’t mind if we stop for gas on the way home. The tank is a little low.”

The Hieberts promptly offered to pay for parking.

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