Mennonite Man Leaves Record $0.10 Tip at Local Diner


Area waitresses were shocked to hear of the generous ten cent tip that fellow restaurant server Mary Penner received during her evening shift on Saturday.

“In all my years of waitressing, I’ve never received such a huge tip,” said Penner. “I just wish I could reach out to the man who left it and send him my gratitude and appreciation.”

Penner plans to put the ten cent tip in her child’s college fund.

“Normally people are just getting rid of their pennies,” said Penner, “but when the elderly gentlemen rummaged around in his pocket and pulled out a shiny new dime, I was left speechless.”

The previous Steinbach record of one nickel and two pennies was set by Mr. Abram R. Funk at The Jolly Miller in 1991. At the time, the Steinbach Historical Society placed a plaque on the site to commemorate the event. Perhaps, not coincidentally, the record was broken precisely twenty-five years after Funk’s historic donation.

“I really hope I can track down the man who left me this dime,” Penner said. “I think he deserves a plaque, too. These two men are the pioneers of generosity who make this job worthwhile.”

(photo credit: Flapitou/CC)

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