Mennonite Man Buys Back All the Albums He Was Forced to Burn in the 70s


It’s taken him almost four decades, but local music fan Steve Goosen has finally re-purchased all the albums he tossed on the bonfire at that fateful youth retreat back in 1979.

“I burned almost two hundred rock albums that weekend,” said Goosen. “That youth pastor sure knew how to stir up our emotions! I felt so convicted that I didn’t even keep the John Denver.”

Somehow Goosen managed to survive the 1980s without any of his treasured rock albums.

“It was a rough ten years,” said Goosen. “I think the only way I made it through that decade was with the aid of the one Danny Plett LP I was allowed to keep.”

Since the early 90s, Goosen has been trying to buy back all the albums and has finally completed his collection.

Sticky Fingers. Welcome to My Nightmare. Led Zeppelin I through IV. Houses of the Holy, too!” said an excited Goosen. “I wonder what Pastor Don would think if he could see me now!”

Rumours have it that Pastor Don has been playing in an Iron Maiden cover band since leaving the ministry in 1985.

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