Mennonite Man Brings His Own Bible to BYOB Event


Mr. Bender, 63, was very excited this past weekend to be invited to his first ever BYOB barbecue just a few doors over at a neighbour’s house.

“It’s so nice to see the neighbours doing something to restore the spiritual health of the community,” said Bender, “but I was puzzled for a while. Are we supposed to bring our own NIVs or KJVs?”

When Bender arrived he was greeted with a plate full of ribs and told he could take anything he wants from the cooler, since he hadn’t brought his own like he was supposed to.

“Oh, but I have brought my own,” said Bender, hauling a book from his bag. “Large print John MacArthur ESV Study Bible!”

Bender wondered why the rest of them had not brought their Bibles like he had.

“I was a bit confused. They all had Coronas in their hands and not a single one had a Bible with them,” said Bender. “Not even a Tony Campolo Red Letter edition or anything!”

Frustrated with the turn of events, Bender announced he had plenty of Bibles at home and, if they’d like, they could also walk a few doors over to his place to resume the BYOB event.

Initially no one joined him, though the crowd did seem to pick up once the word got around that they were going over to “have a Bender.”

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