Mennonite Man Blows Entire MPI Cheque on Canadian Flags


Local man Art Fehr has been waiting with bated breath for his auto insurance rebate cheque from MPI. When it finally arrived this Thursday, he promptly blew the entire thing on Canadian flags and political paraphernalia.

“It’s just like the Parable of Talents in the Gospels there,” said Fehr. “I’m investing my talents in the fertile soil of F*** Trudeau flags, where the rust and moth will not destroy and where the gnashing of teeth will never end. Amen.”

Fehr plastered his F-150 with the maple leaf and misspelled anti-Trudeau merch.

“I’m not letting this $378 go to waste,” said Fehr. “If you think this is bad, just wait until my next GST cheque arrives.”

Fehr says he’s really looking forward to his CERB cheque and plans to spend all his government handouts on “anti-socialist” signage.

(photo credit: michael_swan/CC)

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