Mennonite Man Blows Entire Co-op Dividend Cheque on Chicken Chef Feast


It seems that his Co-op dividend cheque was burning a whole in his pocket, because just as soon as he could, local man Mr. Thiessen had blown the whole thing on the biggest Chicken Chef feast Morden, Manitoba has ever seen.

“I never knew one man could eat that much fried chicken,” said neighbouring Chicken Chef customer Mr. Klassen. “I mean any self-respecting Mennonite man can eat a four-piece dinner with two sides and a roll no problem, but never in my life have I seen one man devour a 30 piece bucket, two quesadillas, and two large meat combo pizzas in one go. Must have been one heck of a dividend cheque!”

Mr. Thiessen was chowing down on delicious chicken for a good part of the afternoon, before he finally raised his arms in the air and proclaimed, “Chicken all around! Next round’s on me!” to the excitement of the crowd who happened to be there at 3:45 in the afternoon.

“He was throwing around cash like there was no tomorrow,” said Mr. Klassen. “I’m sure glad I nursed that coffee all afternoon. Got myself some free chicken!”

It’s not known how much is left on Mr. Thiessen’s dividend cheque, but rumour has it he’s planning a similar Chicken Chef feast just as soon as he gets his MPI rebate.

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