Mennonite Man Attends His First Vanapag Jats Game


Local man, Abraham Krahn of North Kildonan, was thrilled to get some free tickets to see his favourite hockey team the Vanapag Jats in action last night against the St. Louis Blues.

“Its my farst NHL game aver,” said Krahn. “I was really ax-cited for the game. My boss, Mr. Wiebe, said the bast schekjbenjel of the month gats to see the Jats at the Ball MTS Place and this time the bast schekjbenjel was me yet!”

Krahn says his favourite player these days is second-line center “Bryan Lattle.”

“Oba, I yust like his play-making abalaty,” said Krahn. “I used to like Laine, but dan he shaved his beard off and left the Mannanite charch completely. Nah, junges!”

Krahn is very grateful to his employer, Mr. Wiebe, for the tickets, which have a face value of well over a hundred dollars.

“Going to a hockey game can be quite pricey these days,” said Krahn. “If the Vanapag Jats are this expensive, I just can’t imagine how much the Winnipeg Jets would be!”

Krahn is saving ten percent of his chicken-catching money every week, and plans to attend a real Winnipeg Jets game sometime this spring.

(photo credit: s.yume/CC)

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