Mennonite Man Accidentally Speaks Plautdietsch on a Sunday


Mr. Wiebe, 41, was so enraptured in a conversation after church this Sunday that he hardly even noticed he was speaking Plautdietsch rather than the Lord’s language of High German.

Oba, waut de schissjat is wrong with me, speaking my native tongue like this,” said Wiebe, quickly switching to High German. “I almost forgot it was a Sunday. Ahh, this is much better.”

Wiebe sputtered his way through the conversation in High German. It was difficult but he soldiered through.

“High German is the church language,” said Wiebe. “The Bible was written in High German so, you know, it makes sense that we’d at least try to break out habit of speaking the language we’re comfortable with at least one day a week.”

Wiebe is aware there is now a Bible in Plautdietsch but, for some reason, he still feels High German is the language of Sunday.

“For six days the Lord laboured in Plautdietsch and then on the seventh day he rested and spoke High German,” said Wiebe. “I think that’s what I learned in Sunday School. Of course, that was an MB church back in Manitoba so who knows how accurate things were.”

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