Mennonite Leftover Rice Pudding: A Daily Bonnet Recipe

Today we’re bringing you part two in our very sporadic Daily Bonnet recipe series. Previously we brought you a classic: raw farmer sausage and vinegar. If you managed to master that complex recipe, here’s another one for you to tackle.

Mennonite Leftover Rice Pudding.

  • leftover white rice from the local Chinese restaurant
  • sugar
  • cinnamon
  • milk

Take the leftover rice that you’ve had sitting in the fridge for a few days. I prefer my leftover rice from Lee’s Village in Steinbach. Put it in an unwashed bowl you’ve had sitting in the sink. Carefully spoon in the leftover rice. Then add a few spoonfuls of Roger’s sugar. Give it a taste. Hmmm, needs some cinnamon. Dump a bunch in. Find a spoon also from the sink. Give it a lick to clean it. Then add your milk and give it all a mix. Not sugary enough? Add more sugar. Not enough cinnamon? Add some more. Remember, Martha has plenty in the pantry.

MBs may want to add raisins.

Otherwise sit back and relax on the couch in your boxer shorts with your homemade rice pudding in hand. Wash it all down with some refreshing cloudy water from a glass that hadn’t been thoroughly rinsed of the milk that was just in it, and enjoy!

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