Mennonite Karen Accidentally Wears Mask Up Over Her Nose


A local Karen had full intentions of making life as difficult as possible for all the minimum wage workers of Altona, when she accidentally walked into the Co-op this afternoon with her mask over her nose.

“What the heck was I thinking,” said Karen, an avid Never-Noser. “My plan was to come in here and yell at all the teenage workers who are just doing their jobs but, instead, I complied with the current health orders.”

Karen was so utterly disgusted with herself that she threw a tantrum in the knackzoat aisle.

“Just so you know! I’m not normally a sheeple like everyone else!” said Karen overturning a case full of Ronnie’s All Dressed Zoat. “This really isn’t me. I was just off my game today…”

Karen continued to shop with her mask properly in place, but couldn’t believe the bad example she was setting for any children who might have been watching.

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