Mennonite Family Adopts ‘Baby Yoder’


The Yoders of Goshen, Indiana are pleased to announce the arrival of their brand new bundle of joy, a short green wide-eared Jedi that they’re simply calling ‘Baby’.

“We’re very excited to have a new addition to the family,” said Mr. Yoder. “I know it’s another mouth to feed, but once he’s all grown up, I’m sure he’ll be a great help around the farm.”

The Yoders are enthusiastic about their new family member, but are worried he might not fit in.

“I must admit he doesn’t really look like the rest of the family,” said Mr. Yoder, “but once he’s grows a beard and straps on some suspenders, I’m sure no one will notice.”

The Yoders have already brought Baby Yoder to church, where they hope he’ll learn the Mennonite way.

“From his behaviour so far I’m not quite sure he’s a pacifist,” said Mr. Yoder. “But twenty years of Mennonite Sunday School will correct that I’m sure.”

So far the Yoders seem to have adapted to life with their new baby, though they quickly had to confiscate his lightsaber as the other parents were claiming it was a bad influence and someone might get hurt.

(photo credit: missbossy/modified/CC)

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