Mennonite Co-Workers Caught Having Meddachschlop in the Photocopy Room


The rumours about that Thiessen boy and that Klassen girl were confirmed to be true this week after Mrs. Wiebe unlocked the photocopy room and found the two of them having a nice afternoon nap.

“Oba, well, I never!” exclaimed Mrs. Wiebe, who quickly scooted off to HR. “No wonder our photocopy bills were always so high.”

The Thiessen boy and Klassen girl were very embarrassed to be found in such a state, but said they just couldn’t make it through the afternoon without a fifteen-to-twenty minute meddachschlop.

“I mean, it’s a long day,” said Klassen. “And that Thiessen boy is just so dreamy!”

After the incident the Thiessen boy has been sent to work on the family farm and the Klassen girl got a new job selling fair trade items.

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