Mennonite Church Holds Potluck Via Zoom


Hungry Mennonites in Winkler, Manitoba gathered around their computers this afternoon and logged into Zoom for the bi-monthly church potluck.

“Oba, would you look at what Mrs. Friesen brought!” said Mrs. Doerksen. “Bean salad! How predictable!”

Mrs. Reimer, on the other hand, was completely aghast at the way Mrs. Kornelsen had rolled up her ham slices.

“She didn’t even use a toothpick!” said Mrs. Reimer, sending a furious round of emails to all the others. “It’s like she’s never been to a Winkler potluck before!”

The potluck was unique in many ways, except for the fact that absolutely everyone ate what they had brought in the first place.

“I had a look at some of the other taco salads and they weren’t pretty. I think I’ll stick to what I know,” said Mrs. Klassen. “I could get used to these Zoom potlucks. The food tastes much better this way anyway.”

This week’s potluck was also the first one in Winkler history where absolutely no one suffered ill effects from Mrs. Dueck’s sketchy tuna casserole.

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