Mennonite Church Choir Reveals New Third Jersey


The Osterwick Old Colony Choir and Farmer Sausage Co-operative has revealed a new alternate jersey for the 2018-2019 season. The new jersey, which contains purple flowers rather than the regular blue or yellow, will be worn on special occasions when the choir really feels like they need some extra support from the crowd. However, not everyone was happy with the new uniform.

“I hate it,” said Mennonite choir fan Peter Funk. “I think they’re just releasing this new flower pattern to make a few bucks.”

The choir usually alternates between the blue or yellow flower patterns depending on whether they’re singing in their home church in Osterwick or on the streets of the big city. To a lot of fans, the third jersey seemed a bit redundant.

“How many changes of clothes does one Mennonite really need?” said Funk. “Plus I think this new one is kind of ugly.”

Funk says he doesn’t like the change, but says it’s better than the alternate jersey released by that choir over in Chortitz a few years back.

“Ugh, cammo? Seriously!” said Funk. “Not only it is ugly, but it hardly seems appropriate for a Mennonite choir.”

Despite some objections, dozens of new Osterwick choir jerseys were seen blowing in the wind on Mrs. Martens clothesline this weekend.

(photo credit: Ted Eytan/CC)

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