Mennonite Author Achieves Lifelong Dream of Getting Book in Church Library


Renowned Mennonite author Eleanor Epp, 71, achieved the highest achievement of her literary career this week after two copies of her short story collection A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Menno were purchased by the local EMBCC church.

“To see it up there on the shelves next to Pastor Dan’s gym bag and a plastic bucket of Crayolas is truly remarkable,” said Epp. “I sure hope I get a 5 star review in next week’s bulletin.”

Epp’s book has already received considerable attention in the church lobby with several people commenting about its existence.

“Did you hear about Eleanor Epp’s new book?” said Mrs. Toews to Mrs. Krause. “Yeah, it’s right there in the library wedged between the McGee and Me VHS tapes.”

The EMBCC church says they would have obtained Epp’s new book sooner, but had to wait for a few copies to appear at the local thrift store. 

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