New Movie Stars Matt Damon as the Last Ever Dueck


Spoiler Alert. Matt Damon dies at the end of The Last Dueck. Or maybe he doesn’t? I guess you’ll just have to see which of the Duecks survive in this brand new film by Ridley Scott.

Alongside Matt Damon, the cast features Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, who play a handful of medieval Duecks who beat the swords into plowshares.

“The Duecks are pacifists, so obviously they don’t last long in 14th century France,” said film critic Roger Engbrecht. “The film doesn’t have a lot of action in it, but what it lacks in action it makes up for in long drawn out scenes of solemn prayer.”

The films unconventional structure has drawn comparisons to the Kurosawa classic Rashomenno, which portrayed the same scene from the perspective of three different Russian Mennonites.

“It’s never quite clear which Dueck is telling the truth,” said Engbrecht. “I guess that’s a lot like our church elder board meetings.”

The Last Dueck opens in theatres across southern Manitoba this week. Duecks in attendance receive half price admission if they promise to have lots of children.

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