Massive Shared Chicken Chef to Open Between Morden and Winkler


After the unparalleled success of a shared hospital, the rival southern Manitoba cities of Morden and Winkler have agreed to build a massive Chicken Chef equidistant between the two communities.

“The time for fighting is over,” said Winkler mayor Martin Harder, hand-in-hand with Morden mayor Brandon Burley. “These are divisive times and we may not agree about everything, but everyone in the Pembina Valley is united in our love for Chicken Chef!”

The new 3000-seat Chicken Chef will feature delicious fried chicken and pizza, as well as local favourites like vereniki with schmaunt fat.

“We’re offering fried or boiled vereniki. You can even have it with rhubarb sauce,” said Harder. “We’re trying to make sure everyone in the area, whether Old Colony or New, Morden or Winkler, dunked or poured, will be happy at the new Morden-Winkler Chicken Chef.”

To further solidify the relationship, Morden is offering Winkler 1/3 of Bruce the Mosasaur in exchange for a truck full of Ronnie’s zoat.

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