Mannanites Excited for “Vinta Olympics”


Mannanites around the globe are excited for the 2022 Vinta Olympics, which they hope will be a nice distraction from “all the political stuff yet.”

The 2022 event will feature a number of traditional Mennonite vinta sports, such as Crokicurl, trapping weasels, and thawing frozen pipes at the old Bergmann place.

“We’ve got quite the lineup of Mennonite vinta sports,” said organizer Henry Buhler. “We’ve got all common Mannanite cold month activitities from long-distance Dukes of Hazzard-watching to competitive consumption of Jreeweschmaunt.”

Also in the lineup are a bunch of guys doing donuts in the icy church parking lot and elderly men arguing about politics at the coffee shop.

“You’d think the Canadian Mennos would have the upper hand, but it’s not true,” said Mr. Buhler. “l hear the Paraguay team is a pretty formidable opponent in the Sitting Around and Pretending Not to Be Interested in the Ice Dance competition.”

Meanwhile Mr. Buhler’s wife Mrs. Buhler said she was a big supporter of the Vinta ‘Lympics but was not too keen on the indoor horseshoes competition.

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