Manitoba Knackzoat Reservations Surge on Opening Day


On opening day of knackzoat reservations, millions of Manitoba Mennonites rushed to be first to reserve their sunflower seed spitting spot for summer 2021.

“We had a great spot at Birds Hill last year and I’m hoping to get the same location,” said Paul Dueck of North Kildonan. “I wouldn’t be surprised if my knackzoat pile from last year was still there!”

But, unfortunately for Dueck there was such high demand this year that he had to settle for his second choice.

“I guess I’ll be knacking my zoat at St. Malo this year,” said Dueck. “Oh well, I guess that’s better than the pits by Blumenort.”

Dueck also has his fingers crossed that some overflow knackzoat spots will open up.

“From Hecla to the Whiteshell and everywhere in between, I’ll be knacking zoat this year until my lips get numb,” said Dueck. “I usually don’t even bother to pitch a tent. After one night around the fire, I just tunnel a hole in the mound and camp out right there in the zoat pile.”

(photo credit: RichardBH/CC)

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