Man Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Crokinole iPhone App


As increasing number of Mennonite seniors take to occupying their time with crokinole, local man Abe Kehler, is hoping to lure them over to a more modern version of the game.

“You just knips the pieces on this little screen here. It’s really a lot of fun,” said Kehler, showing a beta version of the app.

Kehler is hoping to raise $200,000, which he figures should be enough to get the app into production.

“The current version has a few glitches, but we’re working them out.”

Kehler is referring to the fact that beta-testers of the app kept flicking their phones right off the table. It seems if you’ve really gotta knock an opponent’s piece off the board, considerable force is required.

“We’ve had a few cracked screens and sore fingers, but nothing to stop us from surging forward with this idea,” said Kehler, quickly moving his bandaged finger out of view.

Kehler then proceeded to place a five-dollar bill on the table and said that whoever could get the most twenties would get to keep it.

(Photo Credit: by waferboard/CC)

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