Loewen Family Totally Destroys Dueck Family


The Loewen family of Kleefeld totally destroyed the Dueck family of Plum Coulee this past week on the popular game show ‘Family Feud.’ For the Loewens, the victory was seen as sweet revenge for years of dominance by the Duecks in local knipsbrat tournaments.

“Let me tell you, it feels great to beat the pants off those Duecks,” said Albert Loewen, 87-year-old family patriarch. “It’s a good thing we could ‘A Place Where You’re Not Allowed to Touch Anything.’ We swept that category no problem.”

While the Loewen high-fived and gave mildly-suggestive answers that just happened to be correct, the Dueck huddled in the corner under the off-chance the Loewens might get three strikes and they’d have a chance to steal.

“Oba, but we never even got a chance to answer,” said Peter Dueck, the 23-year-old father of six. “I guess I should not have brought the twins along.”

Dueck is referring to his selection of toddlers Erin and Lisa, who were completely inept at the game.

“I just figured, ‘oh, it’s only the Loewens.’ Beating them is like taking candy from a baby,” said Dueck. “As it turns out, that only applies to crokinole.”

The Loewens plan to spend their victory money on a family trip to visit Grandma at the home in Winkler.

(photo credit: Dennis Crowley/CC/modified)

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