Local Woman Spends All Afternoon Stuck in Line Behind Some Guy Buying Lotto Tickets


Mrs. Froese decided to throw on her mask, hop in her Buick, and stop by at her neighbourhood convenience store for a few things. However, little did she know that her trip to pick up some sunflower seeds and Pepsi would result in a four-hour ordeal behind some dude trying to buy every Lotto ticket in the store.

“At first I thought, ‘oh, good, there’s just one person in front of me. This should be quick,'” said Mrs. Froese. “Boy, was I wrong. After an hour or so, I even broke the rule and moved within six feet to see what was going on.”

As expected, the man was buying lottery tickets and was scratching and losing and then buying more and more.

“He even had the man behind the counter check his numbers to see if they were winners,” said Mrs. Froese. “The lineup behind me just kept on growing.”

Soon the lineup was snaking outside the building, but no one complained since they thought it had something to do with Covid.

“No, the only virus around her is Dunk Tank Dollar and Corvette Cash!” explained Mrs. Froese. “At five o’clock it looked like the man was finally done … but then he started asking the clerk to show him the selection of cigarette packages behind the barrier. You’d think he’d know what he wanted. Apparently not. I wasn’t out of the place until well after eight PM.”

Mrs. Froese’s husband Dan was starting to worry about his wife, but had kept busy the whole time playing computer Solitaire on his PC.

(photo credit: KitAy/CC)

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