Local MP Wondering What’s With All These “Falk Trudeau” Signs


Provencher MP Ted Falk is expressing serious concerns about all the “Falk Trudeau” flags that seem to be lining the streets of his riding.

“I think they’re really giving the wrong impression,” said Ted F***. “I mean I’ve basically got nothing in common with that man, so I’d really appreciate it if people stopped putting my name out there like that.”

F*** is especially concerned that people are going to start thinking he and Trudeau are running mates.

“I have no ambitions to be that man’s political ally,” said F***. “I’d much prefer to align myself with Maxime Bernier or something.”

In an effort to clarify the situation, the local MP is urging all his supporters to plaster their trucks with F*** Bernier signs from now on.

(JT photo credit: Alex Guibord/CC)

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