Local Mom Super Excited About Her Brand New Set of ‘Mennonite Tupperware’


Area mom Linda Doerksen, 34, was absolutely pumped when Mrs. Martens dropped off a set of Mennonite Tupperware including three freshly-rinsed margarine containers, two slightly-used cottage cheese containers, and four totally-empty sour cream containers.

“Plus there were a couple yogurt containers complete with lids!” said Linda. “I’m so grateful to Mrs. Martens for her generosity. You know a busy mom like me can always use some more Tupperware!”

The versatile set of empty containers will really come in handy once church faspas start up again.

“I’ve got a backlog of orders to fulfill,” said Linda. “My¬†marshmallow and canned pineapple-based salads are in high demand! It’s a good thing I’ve finally got enough Tupperware to store it all.”

Normally Mrs. Martens sells Mennonite Tupperware for two dollars a set or individual pieces for fifty cents each, but this year she felt like spreading the love.

“Linda’s a young mom and I saw her poor selection of sour cream containers. She didn’t even have lids for some of them,” said Mrs. Martens. “I figured I’d help out. I had some empty containers anyway. My Earl cruises through cottage cheese like nobody’s business.”

Rumour has it that the Altona MCC store has a vast selection of Mennonite Tupperware for those who are in the market for a fancy new set of their own.

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