Local Man Totally Hooked on ‘Mennonite Marijuana’


Even though more potent product is now legal for use in Canada, nothing can stop Mr. Klassen, 83, from chowing down “Mennonite marijuana” every chance he can get.

“I get this stuff so much by lips look prunes and my tongue is completely raw,” explained Klassen, “but I can’t help myself. Once I starting knacking, I can’t stop until the bag is empty!”

Klassen has been hooked on the stuff since he was a young child, so it’s very unlikely he’s going to give up the habit now.

“I grew up in a household where this stuff was just always around,” said Klassen. “I’m afraid I’ve passed on the habit to my kids, too!”

Although Klassen’s children prefer “higher-end premium” product, like “seasoned” or “dill pickle,” their habit seems to be in keeping with their father.

“Even the grandkids are into it now,” said Klassen. “It’s a multi-generational thing, I guess. There’s no stopping the zoat!”

Klassen has volunteered to star in a new series of public service announcements with the title, “This is your brain on knackzoat!”

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