Local Man Forgets His Apple ID Password Yet Again


Area man Ernie Rempel, 47, had to reset his Apple ID password yet again this morning, after he went to purchase the Hientje Christmas album on iTunes and discovered he no longer remembers “waut de schissjat” his password was.

“Here we go again,” said Ernie. “HotMenno47? No, that’s not it. MennoLover1975? No! Ugh, this is so frustrating!”

Part of the problem, explains Ernie, is the fact that he’s had to change his password so often over the years, and he can’t just use the same one he uses for, like, gmail and stuff.

“You have to have an uppercase letter and a word and a number and it can’t be anything I’ve ever used before!” exclaimed Ernie. “Well, who do they think I am? I’m not capable of coming up with new original passwords all the time!”

Ernie says he’s settled on a password that no one will ever be able to guess.

“It’s an awesome password,” said Ernie. “It’s so good, even I will never be able to guess it!”

Local technology experts advise Mennonites against using the name of their favourite Mennonite dish as the password, since that would make things easy on hackers who would simply have to type in the word “vereniki” and they’d have access to thousands of accounts.

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