Local Library Censors ‘Dyck Picture Book’


A family history book dedicated to Dycks has been censored and withdrawn from circulation by the local library this week after receiving dozens of complaints.

“Oba, I don’t need to see three hundred pages of historic Dyck pics,” said librarian Mrs. Ens. “I don’t care how important the Dyck is, I don’t need to see close-up pictures.”

Despite being banned at the local library, the Dyck Pic Book has been a bestseller in the area.

“Dycks need documentation,” said local man Richard Dyck. “Generations from now people will want to know what Dycks looked liked in the 20th century. Thanks to this book our Dycks have been preserved for posterity.”

Librarian Mrs. Ens was not having any of it.

“I guess some people want to see pictures of old Dycks. Even some Dycks from the 1800s,” said Mrs. Ens. “It’s not my cup of tea, but to each his own.”

Mrs. Ens says the library has also received a new book featuring five hundred photos of old Harry Peters and that book is on the way out, too.

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