Local Karen Demands to Speak to Thrift Store Manager


A local Karen is very upset over the “outrageous” prices at her Neubergnort Self Help and is demanding to speak to the manager right this minute or else she’s filing a complaint with the church elders!

Oba, maybe a Helen or Aggie would pay these prices for a used margarine container, but not this Karen!” said Karen, making a total spectacle of herself. “As for me and my house, we will get upset over the most trivial of matters!”

After unsuccessfully being calmed down by the Thrift Store manager, Karen then went over to the Co-op to yell at the kids for leaving streaks on her windshield.

“You call that washing a windshield!” yelled Karen, who pulled up just to put air in her tires. “Maybe in Jantsied they call that clean, but in Ditsied, no way yet!”

Karen was also mighty upset over the way those teenagers on Main Street are dressing these days.

“I’m going to talk to your parents! The Martenses. I know who they are!” yelled Karen from her car window. “Oh, and put that skateboard away. The sidewalk is strictly for Mrs. Hiebert and her gaggle of children!”

Karen was so upset she wrote a letter to the local paper and plans to write one every single week until someone finally bothers to pay any attention to her.

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