Little Abe Confuses Smoke Shack for Outhouse


Little Abe Wiebe, 7, of Warman really had to go after a vigorous game of horseshoes with the cousin on Saturday and, so, ran for the nearest outhouse he could find.

“No, Abie, no. That’s the smokeshack. We’ve got some perfectly good formavorscht in there!” yelled Mr. Wiebe from across the yard.

But it was too late. Little Abe had to go and the door was left unlocked.

“Diewel! I’m not sure this farmer sausage can recover after that,” said Mr. Wiebe. “I guess we’ll be eating nothing but chicken this winter.”

This is not the first time the smoke shack was defiled by outside influence. Back in the fall of 1976, Mr. Klassen mistook the smokeshack for a sauna and spent a good twelve hours in there before keeling over from the heat.

“Luckily, we were able to save his life, and Mr. Klassen is here with us today,” said Mr. Wiebe. “I think I’ve even got some farmer sausage for him to try.”

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