Mennonite Rapper Corny Reimer Officially Endorses Donald Trump


Eager to have as much credibility in the rap community as he can, US President Donald Trump has sought out the endorsements of many high profile rap artists, such as Kanye West, and, ummm, now Menno hip hop legend Corny Reimer.

“Nah, Mister Trump invited me and my fru to da White House and gave us all red hats and sausage and said I should tell some rhymes,” said Corny Reimer. “So, dan, I thought, well okay dan, and I so I said some of my rhymes yet.”

With his wife Anita beat boxing along at his side, Corny spit some mad rhymes about milking cows, threshing wheat and being baptized upon confession of your faith.

“Now that I’ve got Kanye and Corny on my side I can’t lose,” said Trump. “This endorsement is a real boost. Just tremendous.”

Trump was so impressed with the young Anabaptist music star that he plans to make Corny Reimer the Minister of Arts and Culture.

“Either that or the Ambassador to Belize,” said Trump. “He can have his pick.”

Corny Reimer has already been given a spot on Kanye West’s new tour, and the two are working on a new mash-up of West’s ‘The College Dropout’ album entitled ‘The Sunday School Dropout.’

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