“I’ll be there for sex”: Mennonite Man’s Text Gives the Wrong Impression


Local man Corny Klassen, 63, texted his friend Abe explaining that he’d be at his house for six o’clock to pick up the chickens. Unfortunately, Abe got the wrong impression from the message.

“I can’t believe it yet! He said he’s coming for sex,” said Abe. “Not on my watch he’s not!”

Abe barricaded the doors and stood on guard to keep his friend from coming for sex.

“I don’t know waut came over dat man yat,” said Corny. “I showed up a little after sex and he had a shot gun in his hands.”

Corny was not able to enter the premises and went home about a quarter after sex.

“I was there for sex just like I promised, but by sex fifteen I decided to leave,” said Corny. “I’m never going to Abe’s for sex again. Maybe naxt time I’ll show up at sex thirty or something.”

Corny said he’ll give Abe another chance just so long as he comes for sex at seven.

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