Harry and Meghan Spotted at Hutterite Colony


Megxit has taken a new turn this week after Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, were spotted plucking turkeys at a local Hutterite colony.

“Meghan caught on really fast,” said Mrs. Kleinsasser. “And you should see Harry on the butcher block. He’s a pro!”

After much speculation it seems the couple has decided to spend the rest of their days contributing to the simple communal lifestyle of the Hutterites.

“Meghan’s even joined the women’s hockey team,” said Mrs. Kleinsasser. “She’s not as rough as our girls, but I’m sure she’ll catch on real quick!”

The Elk Ridge Colony is reluctant to allow reporters into the community, but one furtive photographer managed to snap a photo of Prince Harry taking Hutterisch lessons with Mr. Mandel.

“They really want to fit in,” said Mrs. Kleinsasser. “It’s nice to see. As long as they’re willing to take their turn at the farmer’s market, I don’t foresee any problems.”

The formerly royal couple already has expanded their family to fifteen children and were eager to participate in this evening’s Gebet.

(photo credit: Rainer Mueller/CC)

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