Harrison Ford to Star as Southern Manitoba Cult Leader in ‘The Fugitive’ Reboot


Hollywood icon Harrison Ford is set to star as a southern Manitoba cult leader fleeing from justice in the new ‘Fugitive’ film.

“It’s the first time in my career I’m playing the villain,” said Ford, who noted the stark differences between his new character and the original Dr. Richard Kimble. “Last time I played a doctor trying to prove his innocence; now I’m playing a delusional cult leader hiding out in his parent’s basement.”

The new film has the audience rooting for the cultist to be caught before he spreads Covid and his apocalyptic conspiracy theories any further. 

“I’ve got to get this character right, so I’ve tossed the tie and I’m growing out my beard,” said Ford. “I’ve also been working on getting the self-righteousness just right and nailing the judgemental furrowed brow.”

Film critics believe that if Ford can master the paranoid glance and persecution complex, he finally just might win an Oscar.

(photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC)

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