Grandma Stocks Up On Discount Christmas Oranges For Next Year


Mrs. Harms, 71, of Chortitz is already stocking up on Mandarin oranges, pistachio pudding mix, salted peanuts and halva for next year’s Christmas celebration.

“It’s absolute madness at the grocery store today,” said Mrs. Harms. “I bet everyone’s snatching up what they can for next Christmas!”

Mrs. Harms says you can get “sea goot¬†deals this time of year” and says she does the same with Halloween treats.

“I’m still handing out a stash of black liquorice I bought in the ’80s,” she says. “Like the old saying goes: ‘A little freezer burn never hurt anyone.'”

Mrs. Harms claims that Mandarin oranges taste better with a little age.

“I like to dry-age them like the fancy restaurants do with steak,” said Mrs. Harms. “Once they turn blue, I know they’ll be just right!”

Mrs. Harms deepfreeze was recently honoured as a National Historic Site of Canada.

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