Google Honours Mennonites with Farmer Sausage Logo


Every once in a while, Google changes its logo in recognition of groups or individuals who have contributed something noteworthy to society. Well, this week, the folks at Google decided to “honour Mennonites for their contribution of peace, social justice, and sausage, particularly the farmer variety.”

“Oba, that formavorscht is delicious,” said Cindy Thomas, Google spokesperson. “It’s so good I’m even starting to say ‘oba’ once in a while.”

The new logo will be up for the rest of the month and, as a result, farmer sausage sales have gone through the roof.

“We can’t keep up with demand aver since dat Google ting on da internets,” said local sausage maker Kjnels. “We’ve even had to start using da artafashal casings yet!”

As part of the change, all search results will now appear in Plautdietsch.

To be fair Google plans to change its logo to a picture of Polish kielbassa for the month of May, an Italian Genoa salami for June, and a vegan fake wiener for all of July.

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