Frustrated Mennonite Man Still Waiting for His Cookies


Nearly two weeks after he selected “accept all cookies” on one of his favourite websites, Darryl Krahn of Tofield is still waiting for the baked goods to arrive.

“My Helen just tells me, ‘be patient, Darryl, the cookies will come,”” said Krahn, “but I’m starting to lose faith. I mean it’s been weeks and I haven’t gotten so much as a molasses cookie.”

Krahn said he’s hoping for a few Grandma cookies, a half dozen ammonia cookies and some oatmeal raisin “to keep me regular.”

Diewel, even Amazon deliveries don’t take this long,” said Krahn, checking his email to see if the cookies have arrived. “Next time I order cookies I’m just going to ask one of the church ladies.”

Krahn said he plans to fiddle with his cookie settings until he gets it just right or at least until at least some roll kuchen or zwieback pops out the disk drive or something.

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