Rather than Actually Fix the Road, One of these Bright Orange Signs Should Do the Trick


It’s orange-sign season in Manitoba, as officials have sent workers all over the province to put up signs telling people where the potholes are.

“Hey, you can’t say we didn’t warn you,” said Mr. Doerksen, head of the provincial orange sign committee. “Everyone knows that a sign and/or flag is a much better way of dealing with potholes than actually, you know, fixing them.”

Pothole signs and flags have cropped up throughout the province, although some locals are concerned about their inconsistent placement.

“A slight dip? That’ll get a sign for sure!” said Mr. Plett, “but a pothole that could swallow a Buick. Ooops, looks like they missed a spot.”

Manitobans are very supportive of the efforts to get orange warning signs and/or flags all over the place.

“It makes the commute so much smoother,” said Mr. Plett. “Well, not smoother, but I mean, I guess it’s a bit brighter what with all that neon orange all over the place.”

Officials are also working on a plan to have orange stickers that locals can attach to their own bodies to point out any injuries or illnesses, which is also, apparently, a lot more cost effective than health care.

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