Famed Novelist John Steinbach to Release New Novel ‘Of Mice and Menno’


Famed novelist and Fresno Pacific University graduate John Steinbach is hoping to upstage his rival from Salinas with the release of his new novel Of Mice and Menno.

Of Mice and Menno tells the story of a simple man named Corny who is being threatened by an angry mob of church elders after a tragic incident in the barn loft,” said Steinbach. “It’s probably my best book since Travels with Charley Penner.”

Steinbach is known for his serious social commentary and the book is said to be in the same vein as his previous masterpiece The Welch’s Grapejuice of Wrath.

“You laugh, you’ll cry, but mostly I hope that it makes you pause and think … about plautz,” said Steinbach. “And the ending will absolutely shock your brown nylons off!”

The novel has been hailed as a masterpiece, but is not without controversy, however, and has been frequently challenged in public schools for its frequent and gratuitous use of the phrase, “Waut de schissjat?

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