Falk, Hayward, Lilley, and Wheeldon Reunite to Form Southern Gospel Quartet


The four Provencher federal election candidates have overcome their differences to form a brand new Southern gospel quartet.

“We may not have agreed about income splitting for seniors, but we all agree that there’s nothing lovelier than four-part harmony and southern accents,” said Liberal candidate, and tenor, Terry Hayward.

Conservative Ted Falk was victorious in last fall’s election, but has returned from Ottawa to join the group. He says that he was able to find time to practice during Question Period.

“I just sit there and while Justin Trudeau is talking, I belt out the bass part to ‘Church in the Wildwood,'” said Falk.

Last fall at the Provencher debate, the crowd of elderly Steinbachers became unruly when candidates dodged straight answers on the topic of abortion, but there was no dodging their efforts to sing every Bill Gaither tune in the book.

“Look, I had to buy a suit anyway,” said Green candidate and lead singer Jeff Wheeldon. “It would have been imprudent of me to just let it go to waste.”

Provencher has never been kind to the left-leaning NDP, but candidate Les Lilley insists he’s more than just a paper baritone. “I’ve come here to sing,” said Lilley, “and promote the need for quality, affordable child care.”

The quartet is currently practicing for an upcoming Sunday afternoon performance at Kleefeld EMC. Faspa and fellowship to follow.

(photo credit: steinbachonline.com)

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