Dusty Springfield Song Haunts Pastor’s Son His Whole Life


For Reverend Vogt’s son, Dylan, 31, of Mountain Lake, Minnesota there is one song he just cannot escape, and that is Dusty Springfield’s 1968 smash hit “Son of a Preacher Man.”

“That song’s fifty years old and I still can’t out run it,” said Vogt. “Every time I meet a young woman they’re singing that song and swooning … and I’m not that good looking … it’s the song.”

It would seem like the sort of problem that many young men would like to have, but for Dylan, it’s more a curse than a blessing.

“In a town like Mountain Lake everyone wants to get with the preacher’s son,” said Dylan. “But, come on, now, there are other options. I’m not the only one who can reach you or teach you, Brenda!”

After a string of short-lived relationships, Dylan is hoping to finally settle down.

“Maybe I’ll finally convince Reverend O’Toole’s daughter to go out with me,” said Dylan. “She’s the daughter of an Anglican minister – probably the only girl in town who’s not inordinately impressed with the son of a Mennonite preacher.”

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