Brilliant Man Disproves Global Warming By Pointing Out the Weather


All this winter, local man Dick Froese has been pointing to the severe frostbite on his ears as “definitive proof” that global warming is a “total crock.”

“Look, I’m freezing my arse off out here,” said Dick Froese. “If that’s not proof that global warming is a hoax, then I don’t know what is!”

Dick Froese was quick to jump on Facebook and point out the weather to all those “suckers” who believe in climate science.

“I don’t need a so-called scientist to tell me about the weather,” said Dick Froese. “I can see it with my own eyes!”

When it was suggested that perhaps his assessment was a little premature or based on insufficient evidence, Dick Froese just scoffed.

“Ach, what more evidence do I need!” said Dick Froese. “It’s cold outside!”

In other news, local man Richard Hamm is planning on citing “that time it was really freaking hot on May long weekend,” as definitive evidence of global warming.

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