Danielle Smith Flees to La Crete, Alberta


After making a series of ridiculous comments in just her first few days in office, new Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has decided to flee to the most remote location she can think of – La Crete.

“I hear the pandemic’s over there anyway,” said Smith. “Actually it’s been over there since about March 2020. Sounds good to me.”

At press time, Smith was already three hours north of Edmonton, but still has a ways to go yet once.

“I don’t know how they make this trek from Chihuahua,” said Smith. “Ahh, well, I’m just glad I have an air-conditioned vehicle with my very own taxpayer-funded chauffeur.”

In order to blend in with the locals, Smith will be changing her surname to Schmidt and carrying a bag of knackzoat with her at all times.

(photo credit: Dave Cournoyer/CC)

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