Controversial Mennonite Woman Cooks Up Batch of Somma Borscht in Winter


Mrs. Plett of Hochfeld really shook things up at the soup and pie fundraiser this week after brazenly cooking up a batch of somma borscht in the dead of winter.

“Oba nay, the nerve of that woman,” exclaimed rival souper Mrs. Klassen. “How are we supposed to compete with her somma borscht when all the rest of the ladies brought plain old komst borscht!”

It’s not known how Mrs. Plett acquired sufficient quantities of sorrel in early March, but rumours have it she had been saving up from last season’s supply.

“She’s been holding out on us! I knew it!” exclaimed Mrs. Klassen. “That’s the last time I trust Dorothy Plett when she claims she’s all out of sorrel!”

Mrs. Plett’s soup was a big hit with the fundraiser attendees, many of whom had been starved for want of somma borscht over the past four months.

“I don’t know how she did it, but I’m not asking any questions,” says Mr. Fehr. “I’m just glad I could finally get my fix!”

Mrs. Plett was also the only one at the dinner to come with three pies made from “freshly-picked” Saskatoon berries.

(photo credit: Paul Hamilton/CC)

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