Congregation Forced to Repeat “Good Morning” Over and Over Until it’s Loud Enough for the Pastor


Darryl Friesen, 41, the hip new associate pastor at West Seminole Mennonite Church, took the stage for his sermon on Judges 19 this Sunday and was shocked by the half-hearted “good morning” he got from the congregation.

“I said ‘good morning!'” yelled Friesen. “Let’s try that again, ‘good morning!”

The congregation again responded with ‘good morning’ (and a few with ‘goodendach’) but it still wasn’t enough enthusiasm for Friesen.

“I can’t hear you!” yelled Friesen. “I said, good morning West Seminole!”

The congregation got a little louder this time, but nothing could satisfy the pastor and he went back and forth like this for a good forty or fifty minutes until senior pastor Dan stepped in and said “enough is enough.”

“Looks like we won’t have time for your sermon on Judges 19 after all,” said Pastor Dan. “That’s really too bad. I’ve heard it’s a really crowd pleaser.”

(photo credit: Blondinrikard Froberg/CC)

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