Christmas Lights Partake in Intermittent Fasting


The hottest new diet trend has taken the Christmas tree light world by storm. It’s called intermittent fasting and it seems all the lights this year are in on the trend.

“Bought a string of lights from Canadian Tire and it didn’t take more than a week and some of them were fasting,” said Mr. Unger of Edmonton. “Then I replaced a few bulbs and a whole section in the middle decided it was their turn for a break.”

Unger says he has yet to successfully have all the lights lit at the same time.

“Just as soon as I get one row going, the next row goes out,” explained Unger. “I get that they’re on a diet, but I really wish they’d coordinate this a little better.”

Unger has even proposed the idea of allowing all the lights to fast from February to November so long as they agree to put in a full effort around the holiday season.

“But it was a no go,” said Unger. “They simply couldn’t abide any other plan than to go on and off at a seemingly random schedule.”

Unger says he even bought a whole box of replacement bulbs but they’re just about as reliable as the originals.

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