Breaking News! Abbotsford Woman’s Daisies Are Already Blooming


Local woman Mrs. Kehler has been rubbing it in to all her Manitoba friends this week after her daisies sprung up a few days ago.

“Check it out, suckers! You’ve still got ten feet of snow and I’ve got daisies!” said Mrs. Kehler on Facebook. “Check out my awesome pics!”

Mrs. Kehler posted more than a hundred photos of her magnificent foliage, which was intended to spark jealousy in her Prairie-bound cousins.

“They don’t call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing,” posted Mrs. Kehler. “How’s it going out there in Winnipeg? Ha, ha!”

Mrs. Kehler has also been posting photos of her feet dangling off the deck and her husband Harry BBQing up some nice juicy steaks.

“Ah, February in Abbotsford,” said Mrs. Kehler. “Is there anything like it?”

In the meantime, Mrs. Loewen of Winnipeg has been posted photos of the huge mound of snow she has to shovel every morning.

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